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Gryphon Trailers

Mobile Grooming Salons


Affordable, Durable and Profitable For Your Business


Take a tour inside a Gryphon Trailer


The Most Fully Equipped Grooming Salons Available At Great Prices

Smart Pet Professionals Favorite Grooming Trailers!

Each fully equipped trailer is exactly that:

A Complete Groom Shop On Wheels

No "Base Prices" and then $thousands$ extra for air conditioning, heating, generator boxes etc.



Eye Opening!          A+ & 5* Reviews

Driving our Competitors Crazy for 15 Years!

"Thank you very much for the information!  Over the Llast 4 years you have always answered my questions and alswyas so quickly.  Thank you for your wonderful customer service!" Kim S NC

"I brag to everyone I meet and converse with about you and your trailers.  I do feel truly blessed with my rig.  Than you for building such a safe space for me to do what I love!" Terra A CA

"I want to thank you for helping me get started in the Mobile way.  I am enjoying getting to know my rig.  I I am enjoying my independence.  I want to thank you for your patience with all my questions and concerns.  Its been a whirlwind in getting everything ready and grooming too. Again thank you for being part of the process."  Jackie B FL 

Hello there, I have to tell you, I love love love my trailer, its's put together so well!  Its's amazing!! It's even better than I imagined !! I am very happy with it!!  Thank you for everything!! You did an awesome job!!.  I just had to tell you"  Nikki C FL

"It's perfect!!! I'm so in love! Thank you for everything!!" 

Anna D TX

"Gryphon Trailers are definitely the best on the market! The quality of the trailer, the interiors and the equipment are incredible.  On the road already for a year and it looks like the first day. We will be contacting Joe again for our second unit" Orlando D FL


"Thank you for everything you do.  I have done lots of research and with other grooming trailer and I am very satisfied with your work, knowledge and dedication." Brynna F UT

"Very cool thanks.  I think it came out real good.  It exceeded my expectations" Chris L TX 

"Hi, moving beyond my misunderstandings, you have done a great job, its beautiful and amazing, very clean work. Thank you Very Much." Poulia J Canada

Trailer just arrived and its perfect! Thank you so much! Thank you so much again its beautiful! 

Gracie G GA

"Nice!! Thank you for all your patience, I know we've talked back and forth for over a year now, I just knew once I saw your trailers I wouldn't settle for anything else!!" Nikki C NV

"We've had other grooming trailers priced higher and not as great of quality as Joe has made for us. It really does take a groomer to make a perfect grooming trailer.  He has a knack for each detail and the inside is laid out perfect for any size pet.  We specialize in cats and the setup is purrfect for what we do. We will buy another from Joe as the business grows. 

Thanks for the professionalism!" Reginald G SC

"Joe was very professional the whole process of buying and making my trailer.  He answered questions whenever I had one.  My trailer came to me beautifully built. 

Thank you Gryphon!" Sunny O AZ

"Joe is Awesome !!!!!!  Best thing I ever did was going to Joe."

Charles B OK

"I recently purchased a trailer from Gryphon Trailers for my mobile business and I absolutely love it! It has everything I need and it is the perfect size for me! They had great customer service and delivered it to me in MN which was very convenient for me. My Customers love it and I would definitely recommend them if you are looking to buy a mobile dog grooming trailer. :)" Keisha B MN

"I just wanted to thank you again.  Your and your crew did a very good job.  I'm loving my trailer"  Mariana L TX

"Hey, I have my groomer up and running!  Everything is working great."  Billy H UT

"I'm really happy to have something to be happy about again.  Thank you!" Rhonda B MN

"Hi Joe. We wanted to let you know that we still speak often as to how fortunate we were to find you when our old trailer bit the dust.  We continue to be very happy with what you provided us.  We hope and pray that this year will be another great one for you and your business.  Thank you again so very much!" Bill & Shelley D TX

 Shipping 2020 Model Year Trailers with all new orders!

 Special Offers:

Brand New 2020 White 7x14 Standard Grooming Salon Available Now: Only $22,999


Buy today, Groom Tomorrow!



2013 Eldorado Elite Bus w/ Brand New Grooming Salon Conversion: Only $36,999

140K Miles;  Vehicle graphics with your artwork/contact info for only $1,000 more ($2500 value)





Fully Equipped 6' x 10' Labradoodle

420 Cubic Feet - 25% more space than a 6x8

Fully Equipped Single Axle with Brakes! Regularly $20,999*

*Prices are prior to adding choice of generator and is subject to change at any time up until a purchase agreement has been signed

Sale Price of $16,999-Fully Equipped






Some images may show optional or upgraded equipment

Fully Equipped 6' x 12' Standard

504 Cubic Feet - 50% more space than a 6x8

Fully Equipped Dual Axle w/Brakes! Regularly $24,999*

*Prices are prior to adding choice of generator and is subject to change at any time up until a purchase agreement has been signed

Gold Standard Sale Price of $19,999-Fully Equipped



Some images may show optional or upgraded equipment

Fully Equipped 7' x 14' Siberian Husky  

686 Cubic Feet - 100% more space than a 6x8

Fully Equipped Dual Axle w/Brakes! Regularly $26,999*

*Prices are prior to adding choice of generator and is subject to change at any time up until a purchase agreement has been signed

Sale Price of $22,999-Fully Equipped

With 4' Tub w/Door and Extra Large Hydraulic Table 



We are groomers ourselves so our design, layout and component set up are designed to make your job easier.  Our trailers are already fully equipped so no add on package is necessary.  

Every 7x14, 6x12 & 6x10 Gryphon Salon comes Equipped with:

  • Exterior Warm Water Bathing-Only one in the industry! 
  • 6,000 Btu Air Conditioner 
  • 3,000 Btu Catalytic Heater (Standard in the RV Industry)
  • Roof Mounted AC's available but they use so much electricity you should consider if you need to turn it off in the summer to be able to use other equipment
  • 4’ Stainless Steel Pro Deluxe Tub is standard
  • Heavy Duty Full Sized Hydraulic Grooming Table
  • Variable Speed High Velocity Dryer
  • Shop Vac Hang Up-5 Gallon
  • 7’ Interior Height
  • Porta Potty
  • 78 Gallons of Fresh Water Tanks (Enough for 2 days of Grooming)(Vertical Tanks used for Stability-no water sloshing around)
  • Overflow system for water tanks
  • Fully Drainable Water System
  • 42 Gallon Gray Water Tank
  • 4" Tube Reinforced Trailer Frame
  • 24" Stoneguard where you need it
  • Lockable Generator Box, tongue mounted
  • Electric Brakes
  • Full size Aluminum Wheels
  • Full size Spare
  • Amp splitting Electrical System: plugs & outlets enable you to run 2 dryers 
  • 32” wide Camper/RV Style Entry Door w/Window & Screen Door,
  • Flush Locks and Deadbolt
  • Aluminum Door Hold-Open Latches
  • Retractable Step
  • Two 30” Sliding Windows with Screens. One on each side along with the screen door provides exceptional ventilation
  • Waterproof Commercial Rubber Non Skid Flooring. Nearly indestructible and easy to mop, sanitize and clean.  Gray color hides a lot of dirt from the inside or the outside so you don't see the "ghost footprints" as you walk inside like you do on a dark floor
  • Waterproof Walls (Pebble finish resists electrostatic charge so dog hair easily wipes off and it won't pitt or tarnish like aluminum walls will)(Ever see a used trailer that has a dull exterior finish because it sat out in the elements?  That will happen within a year when used for interior walls in the damp grooming environment) 
  • Fully Insulated Walls and Ceiling
  • Insulated Floor of Mechanical Room (Never a Frozen Pipe)
  • Special "Direct Plug System" for Winter Warming all Pipes, Tanks and Connectors
  • Manual opening Roof Vent (3 Speed Powered Roof Vents available)
  • 3.3 GPM 120Volt Water Pump
  • Flash - On Demand Electric Hot Water Heater;8 Gallon so you don't waste a lot of time getting 20 gallons of water hot or a lot of energy keeping it constantly warm
  • All Aluminum Locking Cabinets and Drawers located where you can use them instead of beyond a tub that you need a step ladder to reach (lifetime guarantee against rotting)
  • Stainless Steel Counters
  • No wood or particle board components(no rotting wood or crumbling cabinets)
  • 30 Amp RV Connector
  • 30 Amp to 15 Amp 3 prong adapter
  • 100 Amp Electric ServiceBox
  • 4 Duplex outlets in the groom space
  • 4 Duplex outlets in the mechanical room
  • Mechanical room components on individual switches controlled from groom space
  • Pre-Wired "Extra" outlet by the tub enables you to add clipper vac or recirculating system
  • 2 Super Bright LED Lights
  • Crown Molding Accents
  • Sky Blue painted ceiling (although you can have any color you would like)
  • Free Choice of Exterior Color (No Up-charge)
  • Extremely easy to tow
  • Shells are fitted to evenly disperse the weight side to side and front to back.  Beware of long trailers with unsafe tongue weighting 


We Custom Design Units To Fit Your Needs

Any Length or Width, Any Layout:

For Example-The Self Serve

686 Cubic Feet huge - A 2 tub, 2 groom room mobile salon

Fully Equipped Dual Axle w/Brakes!

*Prices are prior to adding choice of generator and is subject to change at any time up until a purchase agreement has been signed.


Fully Equipped 7' x 18' Great Dane 

Fully Equipped Dual Axle w/Brakes! Regularly $34,999*

Sale Price of $29,999-Fully Equipped 



Gryphon 7x18 Trailers come fully equipped with everything our 6x10 and 6x12 trailers have but include Curbside Awning, Upgraded Tub w/Door , Additonal Cabinets, Modular Cages, Roof AC, 4' Heavy Duty Hydraulic Table.  

Fully Equipped Conversions for Bus or Van




New & Used Van and Bus Conversions

Starting at $17,500 for the grooming conversion 


Regularly Starting at $24,999*

Conversions Start at $19,999 (You bring the bus/van and we add the conversion)



Available for Conversion:

2011 Chevy Turtletop 123K Diesel for Only $38,000

Under Deposit

Available for Conversion:

2013 Chevy Diesel V8 G4500 w/only 91K miles for Only $40,000      




We Now Offer-The Pod Grooming Salon from UGroom Trailers

We are now a distributor of The Pod-The latest thing in Mobile Grooming!

Fully Equipped at $13,999 

Call us for more information, pictures or to order your's today!

Grab Life By The Horns- The TX Version:




5' x 8' Toy

Single Axle w/Brakes-$14,999


6' x 8' Mini 

Single Axle w/Brakes-$19,999

Sale Price of $15,999-Fully Equipped 


New Product:

The Gold Standard

Our most popular 6x12 Dual Axle Standard Salon Fully Equipped

But we have super upgraded the tub to the popular 16 Gauge SS 4'Tub with Door and

 The table to 42"Z Lift Hydraulic Table w/550 lb capacity and 20.5-38" lift

  $2,500 in upgrades for only $1,000

6x12 Gold Standard Grooming Salon - $19,999


Or an Electric Scissor Lift Table w/ 320lb capacity &12" to 48" lift for only $500 more!


Folding Stainless Steel Counter/Work Surface w/Marine Hinges

Supports over 300 lbs 18"x32" $250


Upgraded 16 Gauge Stainless Steel tub w/door on all new orders ($1,000 value)


Big Green Dog Inverter System-Virtually Silent!

No Noise, No Gas, No Exhaust, Easy to Use

5000 Watt/4 Batteries for only $4,500 or

4,000 watt & 2500 watt/6 Batteries for only $5,500


Power sources (Generartor &/or Shore Power) need to be powerful enough to do the job.  If you run a roof AC's you probably don't have enough power to run the dryer unless you have 30 amps available. Most Mobile Groomers find it frustrating when they trip their client's circuit breakers when running land line.  If you don't mind grooming in summer with the AC off then roof mount AC's will do.  They are also much more expensive to use and replace and the least  efficient on the market.  That is why we offer Roof AC's as an upgrade but recommend you get a generator powerful enough to run it all if that is your preference.   

Window style units run with Energy Star efficiency (RV roof AC 9200 Watt needs 12+ Amps; But a 6000 watt Living Room size wall style only uses 5.4 amps) leaving plenty of electricity available to run a dryer. 

You should also wonder why they want you using inefficient electric heat.  If you run a Shore Power or an undersized generator you need 14+ Amps to run an electric heater.  So if you don't mind grooming in the winter with the heat off while you use the blow dryer then electric heat only is one way to go. 

Standard in our trailers is the latest RV Catalytic Heaters for heating the grooming space.  Every RV and camper uses safe, efficient catalytic propane heating.  That removes the drain on electricity usage.  There is no recorded event of a propane tank used like this of being unsafe anywhere in America.  

We give you Two 20 lb. bbq size tanks standard.  They work one at a time to safely heat your groom space.  When one is empty the other is ready to go.  Tanks are easily and affordably swapped at every Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart and at many garden centers, hardware stores, lumber yards and many, many gas stations as well.  Propane is readily available and a more efficient source for heat than gasoline powering a generator to provide electricity for inefficient electric heat.  



We don't do any financing ourselves but we are always looking to provide you with some great options to help you find credit.

We also don't lease our units or are associated with any company that does.  

Outside financing is an agreement made by those customers and the financing source they choose to work with. 

According to Entrepreneur Magazine 80% of start ups are funded by the owner with 17% getting some funds from one of the 3F's (family, friends and fools)

3 Minute Kaufman Foundation Video On Funding

New Lenders Available:

  Diana Wlodarczyk

Full Circle Finance

Direct 707-894-6551

Toll Free 888-223-600




ACCION - Helping Small Business Owners Achieve Their Dreams



The Best Lease Available:

ACG Capita-Business Startup Equipment Leasing

Atlas Financing

Trident Leasing Corporation

Advantage Leasing



Click Here To Apply Today


Credit Unions in your Community:

National Credit Union Association

Your best source for small business financing today.

Freeing Up Capital for Small Businesses


Personal Loans Available Again

Bankrate-Overview on New Personal Loans

Discover Personal Loans

Wells Fargo Personal Loans

TD Bank Personal Loans

Peer to Peer Lending:

Great Articles on Peer to Peer Lending:

Best Peer-To-Peer Lending Sites (2017)

The Ins and Outs of Peer to Peer Lending

 Prosper: 3-year unsecured personal loans, fixed rates, up to $25,000, 640 Minimum Credit Score

 Lending Club: 3 years, fixed rate personal loan, up to $25,000, 660 Minimum Credit Score

 Funding Circle: Loans up to $500,000 


 Sorry, Credit Card are not accepted 

Want to find out how to save 25% off your tax bill with a new purchase?   See Link below:


Imagine Yourself:

Earning a real living wage and helping your family earn more than the average US family

You can when you become a Mobile Groomer!


Mobile Pet Groomers average $65 per groom*

If you groom 7 Dogs per day over 5 Days per week (an average amount of business) you will gross over $100,000


Buy yourself an income and earn a real living wage

Join the thousands who sought job security by working for themselves in an all cash business.


Don't buy an expensive Van or an over engineered trailer that is so expensive that it drains your business's Cash Flow. 

Would you rather groom 5 dogs per month to make a trailer payment or 36(or more) to pay for a fancy van before you earn $1 for yourself?

Spray or roll on flooring is not recommended due to the natural movement in a trailer shell that will cause bubbling and separation from the Subfloor

Professionals realize that routine maintenance and repair is normal on any equipment. We are here to help  you avoid unnecessary and easily resolvable issues with our mobile salons.  Our trailers are well built and require minimal repairs and maintenance to provide you with years and years of successful use and service.

It isn't possible for the floor of our trilers to rot through.  We have a 25 year warranty on the subfloor of our trailers from the manufacturer. Please contact us at any time if you notice a leaking issue. We are here to help as well as answer questions.  Don't ever let a simple problem turn into a major issue by not addressing a small item when it occurs or when you notice it.

Full 2 year Limited Warranty on all New Trailers!

We offer lifetime warranty on the cabinets from rot

 20 year coverage from United Expressline on the Subfloor

Some Images may show available upgrades not included specials 


email: Joe@gryphontrailers.com


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